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Gaming Chairs
- Jan 01, 2019 -

Having one of the best gaming chairs can have a huge impact on your game's help. While most of us are happy to rest on the couch while we play, or just use a regular office chair, for those who want to take a serious meeting or play and stay comfortable... This is probably the case with a good gaming esports chair. Here are the guidelines for this time. Although some are expensive, they may be secretly a helper for your game.

These are the actual uses we use every day. When you are looking for the best game chair, there are a few things to consider. Obviously price is a factor, but there are a range of options for each budget. What you need to look for is the sturdiness of the seat itself, each chair supporting your back, and the adjustability of items such as headrests and arm supports. Some of the chairs below are contoured into your body, just like the racing seats in a car, they are very comfortable, but may not be good for actual spine support. Some have extra features like anti-fouling materials and multi-directional armrests, so you need to decide how important this important thing is to you.

1. GT Omega Pro racing office chair

game chair

Comfortable and best price game chair

Size: 68cm × 70cm × 1.3m | Seat height: 124-132cm | Maximum load: 120kg

About 260 dollars

+ sturdy and support

+ Quick setup

- Slim fit seats may not be for everyone

- Do not allow any lazy poses

Quick assembly (you should be able to move from unboxing to sitting in 25 minutes) and sturdy, this is a compact and efficient game chair. It is suitable for the same floor contour as the regular office chair (and therefore may be the name). This is a very concentrated sitting experience, because the shape of the seat and back contours are very supportive, so it is not a person who can relax. Although you can remove the lumbar pad, make things a bit easier. However, it tilts to almost flat, you can adjust the seat tilt and pressure, as well as the armrest angle, separation and height, so if you can't comfort all the possible chairs are not for you. However, it is a very slim seat and is thinner in shape and worth remembering.

Best for... high level of support for smaller people.

2. AK Racing Core Series EX Game Chair

game chair 1

strong and sturdy

Dimensions: 56 x 54 x 14.2 cm | Seat height: 126-135cm | Maximum load: 91 kg

+ sturdy metal frame

+ long lasting foam pad

- The price has no obvious quality jump

AK offers you a slightly improved quality and the price has risen slightly. From the initial appearance, it is not a huge leap forward for Omega Pro, but the quality of the metal frame and foam means it is durable. It has a usual waist and head support pad, and if your leather and plastic are a bit too creaking, there is also a fabric surface.

Best for... people who want to spend a little money but not much.

3.Noblechairs Hero game chair

gaming chair

A great chair, like mixing work and entertainment

Size: 55 x 52 x 141 cm | Seat height: 131-141cm | Maximum load: 180kg

About $400

+ More refined chair

+ Great for games and office work

- expensive

This design can be used as an office chair or as a game chair, so the design is very low-key and elegant. It has a sturdy back and seat, which is better for your posture and has many features - such as fully adjustable armrests - to make you more comfortable. The downside is that it may be a bit dull for some people, and if you are looking for something that really suits, the chair is not as loose as the rest of the list. There are some extra features, so the price you pay is a solid and reliable chair that will keep you going for years and helping you. Depends on what you want: If you are looking for a flash chair with a variety of gimmicks, this is not for you, but if you are a 30-year-old gamer who wants to take care of their body while they are playing.. ....

Best for... anyone who wants to mix work and play, and a stylish chair that supports their back.

4. Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000

game chairs

A striking design brings great support and comfort

Size: 52 x 53 x 140-149cm | Seat height: 140-149cm | Maximum load: 150kg

About $300

+ free

+ Eye-catching design

- Ideally requires 2 settings

If you want to make a decorative effect on the game chair, please regard the SL4000 as an amazing information about the global IKEA. An ultra-comfortable racing seat, if blue is not suitable for your style, it comes in a variety of colors - white and black are particularly attractive - everything is adjustable. Whether it's seat height, four different armrest settings or a 170-degree choice for the backrest, this is an excellent customizable product.

It takes a little while to get used to the seat cushion and its racing feel, but the lumbar support is excellent and you don't want to go back to the standard office chair anymore. Just like a Noble chair, it is recommended that you assemble it with your friends, because when you tighten the backrest, things get a bit cumbersome, but once it is built, you can turn and rotate on a comfortable chair, and the PVC coating is easy to clean. .

Best for those who want to customize everything in the mid-range budget.

5. Nitro Concepts C80 Pure Collection

gaming chairs

Comfortable game, affordable

Size: 50 x 50 x 117-124cm | Seat height: 47-54cm | Maximum load: 120kg

About $150

+ reasonable price

+ free

- It's hard to piece together

- no cushions

Ideal for disguising your gaming throne as an office chair, the Nitro Concepts C80 is affordable and suitable for long nights. With a stylish design and good cushioning, it looks and feels more expensive. Although it is not as adjustable as the other adjustable in this list, it can be compensated for by the support and comfortable back and armrests.

Again, this is not the easiest assembly and requires two people - and does not have a lumbar cushion with a more luxurious chair, but its foam back support will keep your spine comfortable. There is also the benefit of a porous seat cover to prevent everything from getting too warm during the hot months. We didn't notice the obvious difference, but it really fits for a long meeting.

Best suited... disguised as an office chair, but still means gaming.

6.Songmics Mesh Office Computer Chair

office chair

Best for budget

Size: 49 x 50cm x 101-109cm | Seat height: 101-109cm

About $100

+ Good budget choice

+ Keep the back of the grid cool

- no extra decoration

- Limited positioning and adjustment

Basically does not mean bad, this computer chair is comfortable, cheap, and comfortable.

Sturdy cushioning, so if you play for a few hours of Fortress night there, you won't feel uncomfortable, and the back of the mesh will block too hot things. It has a height range of 101 cm to 109 cm, a mat of 49 x 50 cm, and an adjustable armrest that is the definition of "finish work".

Ergonomic Racing Office Chair

Anji Yuexin Furniture Products includes the following:        

1,Gaming chair

2,Mesh chair

3,PU leather chair

4,Office chair

5,Leisure chair

6,Bar chair

7.Chair parts

We supply chairs products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies. Each piece of the chair in our company is based on strictly designed and manufactured according to the body structure.

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