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How to choose a wide variety of office chairs?
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Many consumers actually don't have a very clear purchase method when purchasing office chairs. When buying and selling, they mostly look at it. After you touch it, you can see the price. How can you buy a high-quality office? What about the chair? Xiaobian gives you some suggestions today:

1. When purchasing an office chair, first observe the office cushion. The general computer chairs are sponge cushions. The good cost of the cushion is high, so some office furniture manufacturers will make a fuss about the seat cushion of the office chair, such as reducing the thickness of the sponge or reducing the strength of the material. Good cushions are usually thicker and have a curved curve that fits down the person's buttocks. In addition, good cushions have good elasticity. If the seat cushion is thin, it is uncomfortable to sit up. If the seat cushion is thick but not elastic, it proves that the household has ordinary materials.

2, the sitting feeling of the office chair: If the design is reasonable, the seat feel is more comfortable, the seat area has good acceptance, inclusive, and will not feel uncomfortable.

3, the backrest should be reliable: and the backrest of the chair is very compact back, which can give the back a strong support, so that when the back is relaxed and reliable, it will make noise, such a chair is easily damaged.

4, try to shake the office chair left and right, if the overall structure of the chair is unstable, it is easy to damage.

5, handrails: try to put on the handrail to see if the height is comfortable.

6, gas pole: If you buy a swivel chair, try to lift the swivel chair, feel that some of the process of lifting is smooth, if you feel interference, then the quality of the gas bar is not good.

7, happy function, some chairs have a back-and-forward function, try to open the free function, feel, you can rest assured that "free".