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How to improve the service life of office chairs
- Jul 18, 2018 -

I prefer to talk with you today about the most common office chair in the office building, that is, the use of the office swivel chair and precautions. An office swivel chair, in addition to purchasing a good quality office chair when purchasing office chairs, then the use of office chairs is more durable and less prone to failure; where professional skills and attention are required, office swivel chair as its name suggests It is a chair with air pressure and five-star pulley feet. There are many types on the market. The most easily broken office chair is the pulley, the chair foot, the armrest, and the second is the chassis. Let’s talk about the pulley first. The highest frequency of damage to the company's office chair is the chair wheel. The chair wheel is generally of good quality. The chair used in the office chair is made of nylon wheel. It is more resistant to pressure and wear. Normal use can generally reach five years or so, but if it is used inferior wheels It may be that if the office is a relatively smooth and flat tile, it may be used for a year or two. Of course, if it is a very heavy employee, the use time may be greatly reduced; so the company is purchasing the chair at the same time. Also consider the size and prospects of your employees and your company, if you are planning

Then said the problem of the chair feet, many customers think that the hardware chair five-star foot is durable, of course, this is a one-sided statement; the specific is to look at the quality and grade, of course, if the use of high-end qualified hardware feet, certainly more than plastic nylon feet Durable and pressure-resistant, it is not bad, but the most fatal flaw of the hardware foot is that it is easy to rust. After all, the hardware feet used by many big brands are just electroplating. You are the quality of the plating for a long time or rust. Therefore, why the majority of the market is still based on nylon plastic feet, plastic materials will not rust and corrosion, not afraid of water, this is the main reason, in addition, the plastic nylon material is also very durable. Of course, except for one case, the location of the client's office is uneven and uneven. Huadelai furniture has encountered such a customer's site when it comes to furniture engineering, such as factories, etc. This problem is most likely to cause chairs. The possibility of a broken foot, why? Because the ground is not flat, the five claws are not evenly stressed. If the strength is on a foot for a long time, it is easy to be overloaded, then the foot is broken, or the chair pressure rises and falls.

The chance of damage to the chair chassis is still relatively small, but it is easy for some personal habits to be bad. For example, some chairs do not have a reclining function, and then the chair chassis is also an ordinary site. We have seen some employees in many companies who like to take a nap.跷 郎 郎 legs, feet on the desk, and then backrest a strong top chair back, for a long time, the chair chassis hardware welding parts are easy to crack, or the good quality of the chassis is easy to sit on the board connection parts of the screws uprooted.