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Material classification of office chairs
- Jul 18, 2018 -

The office chair, as the name suggests, is the office chair. The office chair is an indispensable chair. How many people know about the office chair? What kind of classification is there in terms of fabric and performance? Let's make a brief introduction for everyone.

Office chairs are generally divided into: leather surface, mesh cloth and cloth surface according to the surface material; the corresponding features are as follows:

1. Leather office chair:

It is a full-faced office chair. The seat and back are made of leather fabric, and the inner base material is high-density fixed sponge. Leather office chair, usually with top management. The leather fabric has good breathability, comfortable sitting and close to the skin.

2, cloth office chair:

The back of the chair and the seat are all cloth, and the office chair of the cloth is often equipped with middle management personnel, staff, etc., according to the style of the office chair to match the corresponding position.

3, mesh office chair

For a seat cushion with a cloth surface and a backrest mesh cloth, it is a relatively common configuration. The price of the net for the seat cushion and the backrest will be lower. Due to the production of the office chair of the whole network, the requirements for the chair frame are higher, the required molds are more, and of course the cost is higher. The mesh office chair has become a mainstream trend, and the breathability of the chair and the comfort of sitting are favored by many people.

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