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Modern office chair size must be ergonomic
- Jul 18, 2018 -

The size of the modern office chair is ergonomic. This is the standard office furniture. Because we sit in the chair for a long time in the course of the day, the chair selection is very important. The mesh office chair, a good chair should have a good Breathable and heat-dissipating characteristics, comfortable and healthy, can prevent the chair from growing xi bacteria during use. And can reduce the hip back compression area, press the force points, promote blood circulation in the hips, and avoid strain on the neck and shoulders!

1. Head: The height and rotation of the headrest can be adjusted, which allows the user to naturally fit the headrest of the cervical vertebra, standardize the sitting posture of the rider, and enjoy the office. The best position is when the height of the headrest fully supports your cervical vertebrae.

2, seat back: the best support position of the waist is the third and fourth vertebrae, the entire seat back can be height-adjusted, easy and simple to meet the needs of different users, to reduce the majority of the human body weight of the lumbar vertebrae.

3, lumbar support: Separate movable lumbar support, resilience concentrated on the active lumbar support, giving the user the most close support. The active lumbar support adjusts the curvature so that the entire lower back relaxes comfortably to the lower back, allowing the back spine to relax, thereby relieving the fatigue of the back spine.

4, handrails: adjust the height and angle of the armrests, custom leather office chairs, allowing smoother transitions between hands and countertops to prevent mouse hands.

Free angle adjustment, stepless and stepless locking, curved back design, bow frame strength and elastic treatment, handrail curved streamline processing, etc.