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Several tips for repairing and maintaining office chairs
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Today, I will talk about the repair and maintenance of office chairs, a few tips and points.

I prefer to talk about the maintenance of office chairs. We have encountered many customers who have used chairs for many years. Most of the chairs are intact and partially damaged. They are in the intention of saving money for the company. Many of them choose to continue to use them under maintenance.

So under what circumstances is it recommended to repair? Generally speaking, for the swivel chair type, if it is a chair foot or a wheel, the repair cost of the damage will be less. It is recommended to choose the repair; if the chassis or the air pressure is damaged, it is more troublesome.

The cost will also be high. Generally, when the seat is sitting for a while, the air pressure will be tight, and it is not easy to pull out. It is easy to damage other parts of the seat during maintenance. For leather chairs, use environmentally friendly leather or poor leather for early use

The result is that the time is long, we suggest that if the skin is less, the chair is more expensive to buy from the big class. We recommend that the repaired skin professional can be repaired, or add a set, if it is a chair purchase.

It is very cheap, the whole skin change, so the cost of the basic replacement is basically no different from the new one, and you can directly abandon the maintenance plan.

The first choice is to talk about the daily maintenance of office chairs. According to the structure, office chairs can be divided into two types: swivel chair and fixed chair. According to the material, it can be divided into leather office chair, mesh office chair, plastic office chair, etc.

Of course, the daily maintenance of different chairs is slightly different. Today, we mainly analyze the maintenance problems of the popular office office swivel chair. The office swivel chair is generally chair back, chair cushion, chassis, lifting air pressure bar,

The five-star foot and the moving wheel are composed of several parts. Generally, the swivel chair is used for about one month. Try to tighten the adjusting rod on the bottom ground plate. Generally, the chair can sit loose for a certain period of time, and the back part is easy to loosen.

It is easy to cause the structure of the chair to be loose, which has a certain influence on the life of the chair and is not comfortable to do. Some people often say that the chair has a creaking sound. Many people mistakenly believe that the chair is broken. In fact, the chassis is loose.

If you find that the screws on the site are loose, you need to use the tools to reinforce them to prevent the site from falling off for a long time. In the case that the chair wheels are not smooth,

You can see if something is stuck or you can find a new wheel in the supplier.