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The color of the office chair makes your office furniture purchase
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Office furniture procurement staff, whether it is a layman or a layman, when purchasing office furniture, Xiao Bian feels that the most important thing to note is whether the decoration of office furniture and corporate image design is harmonious!

When office furniture purchases office chairs, color is first and foremost thought of, and materials, design and occasions are also inseparable. Black is the most common color, and it is also the easiest to clean and care. But now people are pursuing more fashion. When purchasing office chairs, there are many choices of colors. How to mix them properly is also very particular.

First of all, when purchasing office furniture, you must first understand the decoration style in your office. Is the overall office furniture color tone warm or cool? Whether your decoration style is European or American or Chinese, this is very important!

Warm-colored office furniture is usually a favorite of modern and fashionable companies, and it will make people feel energetic. Dark office furniture is often favored by traditional businesses.

Classification of office chairs:

From the material points: leather office chair, mesh chair, plastic office chair, PU office chair and so on. This type of office chair will be darker in color.

From the type of use: executive chair, staff chair, conference chair, negotiation chair, etc., if you use elegant colors, you will feel the fashion atmosphere.

Negotiation chair

When purchasing office furniture, you can use different color tones according to different use occasions, such as office, staff office, conference room, etc., and can use monochrome system in a wide range.

When purchasing office furniture, due to different material configurations, the price of the same chair, nylon feet and plating feet is not used. There is more waist support, less STG function, and the price is different.

Conference chair

In any case, when purchasing office furniture, you must shop around, not be close to the brand, and betrayed by the salesperson. Resist the temptation of low prices, start with quality service after-sales, buy office furniture with high cost performance, then you will succeed.