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The leather office chair is made of natural leather
- Jul 18, 2018 -

The leather office chair is made of natural leather, so it has strong water absorption. It is best to pay attention to the humidity of the weather during maintenance. It is like the rainy weather in the south. As long as the sun is out, it is better to get a better ventilation. Dry and dry, be careful not to expose the sun directly. In fact, the maintenance methods of leather office chairs are basically sorted according to some characteristics of natural leather.

Leather office chair maintenance method

1. To avoid sharp scratches on leather computer office chair leather.

2. To avoid direct sunlight in the leather chair, if the living room is often exposed to sunlight, it may be necessary to adjust the position of several leather chairs to prevent chromatic aberration from time to time; if the humidity is high, you can use the weak sun from 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning. Light for seven days, one hour a day, about three months.

3. In the summer, because people sweat more, they should be maintained once a week. Don't wait until the office chair is dirty and then clean it, it is difficult to clean it as it is. Do not clean the office chair with detergent. Many detergents are harmful to the leather. It is difficult to see when cleaning. It will be a problem after a long time.

4. Once it is contaminated with soda drinks, it should be disposed of immediately. In order to prevent the water and sweets from penetrating into the pores, the leather should be concentrated with the saddle soap for the leather and the sponge should be concentrated in the circle. Dry the soft cloth.

5. Place the leather chair 5-10cm away from the wall and keep it ventilated.

6. For newly purchased leather chairs, first soak the towel with water, wring it out, wipe off the dust and dirt on the surface of the chair, and then gently rub the surface of the leather with the care agent one or two times (do not use waxy care products). In this way, a protective film is formed on the surface of the dermis, so that the dirt in the future is not easy to penetrate into the pores of the dermis, so that it can be cleaned later.

7. Daily care of the leather chair can be wiped with a wrung wet towel. Clean the sofa with a leather cleaner for about 2-3 months, or use a household vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the leather surface.

8. After buying a leather office chair, first use a maintenance wax to put a protective film on the office chair to prevent dust and sweat from immersing into the pores of the office chair. It is difficult to clean in the future. Be careful not to use water to scrub the leather office chair. Growing up will make the cortex harder and lose the soft feeling.

9. To avoid oil stains, ballpoint pens, inks, etc. stain the leather chair. If there is stain on the leather of the chair, it should be cleaned with leather cleaner immediately. If there is no leather cleaning agent, use a clean white towel with a little alcohol to lightly smudge the stain, then dry it with a dry wet towel, and finally use a protective agent. Care.

10. In order to prolong the service life, children should be prevented from jumping and playing on the sofa. The body with sweat should not be in direct contact with the leather of the chair.

11. Regular maintenance of leather-specific maintenance fluid. When using, wipe the surface with a small amount of it and apply it several times. After the maintenance liquid has dried, wipe it with a soft cloth to prevent the leather from drying or fading.