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What kind of office chair is comfortable?
- Jul 18, 2018 -

There are so many styles in the office chair market, and there are countless, dazzling and exaggerated? A variety of brands, so that consumers are also suffering from the choice, headless flies are overwhelmed.

The preferred office chair can be divided into several regional categories, such as staff card seat area, boss office, conference room, negotiation room, etc. The chair styles and requirements of different places are different, so what kind of office chair is Comfortable and comfortable? For the current market analysis, the mesh office chair is the mainstream product of office furniture. Many office buildings are all mesh office chairs; the office chair made of mesh has several characteristics. The first relative leather office chair is resistant to seat and wear. For a long time, the factory is also relatively simple and quick to manufacture; the other is the price and cost-effective, and the office chair of the mesh looks simple and elegant, fashion technology; now it is open, many younger generations prefer simple modern office The atmosphere, while the mesh office chair just meets this requirement, removes the complicated things. Of course, the mesh office chair needs to be comfortable. The choice is also very important. Many people think that the seat cushion is very soft and comfortable to do. In fact, many on the market. The difference in material is that the seat cushion is soft, and the seat collapses for a while. The internal sponge has poor durability and the rebound strength is not up to standard.

The internal sponge of the office chair is more than 40-density resilience, which guarantees the long-lasting rebound of the chair for more than five years, ensuring sedentary and not tired; the other is especially for the office chair that can be rotated, for the pulley and air pressure requirements. The higher, many of the most difficult chairs are the five-star feet and wheels of the chair; the good brand chair chair wheel and air pressure are professionally tested and can be used after the load-bearing; for the chair's feet many customers think hardware The good is actually a one-sided idea, the hardware is of course solid, of course, this is to say the standard requirements of the hardware feet, the general low-end staff office chairs in the market are using electroplating five-star feet, electroplating feet If there is a defect, it will rust for a long time. In contrast, the nylon plastic foot will not rust the nylon plastic foot, which is not only resistant to seat pressure, but also will not rust; therefore, many brands of the main products are made of plastic. Feet, of course, also look at the style and color of the mix, some chairs need to match the hardware feet will look more high-end atmosphere, specifically look at the style and design