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Why are office chairs basically all mesh office swivel chairs?
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Modern office, office chair is indispensable. At present, the mainstream in the market is still a network office swivel chair. Why? Next, let's analyze it slowly?

The earliest popular office swivel chair made of flannel fabric was a popular mess in the early ten years; the material selectivity and popularity were the reasons, and the flannel cloth was very dirty, which everyone knows and is intolerant. mill. The office material of the mesh material is not only wear-resistant, but also has obvious advantages in ventilation, and the texture is relatively strong, and the color selection is convenient and beautiful. In addition, the mainstream fashion environmental protection office, simple and simple is already a trend, the mesh office The swivel chair is not only a manufacturer with shorter production time than the previous fabric, but also has fewer processes. Most of them are ready-made plastic accessories, making the masking process with only the cushion and the backing mesh, as well as the sponge wrapping.

In addition, the market is the mainstream, the mesh office swivel chair is available from stock, Huadelai long-term inventory net office chair, all of which are of good quality. The minimum configuration of the mesh is made of Trent mesh, and the higher-end mesh executive chair is made of nylon mesh. In addition, there are many styles of mesh office swivel chairs on the market, many of which are filled with fake and shoddy. Buying a well-configured mesh office chair can be used for several years, and the small factory has a broken foot for several months. And the problem of leaning back.