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Bar Chair Selection Skills
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Which size is the best for the bar chair? It is necessary to choose a bar chair. In either case, we should pay attention to the internal design. In fact, for the bar chair, it can be rotated. The principle of rotation is that it adds a gas bar inside, different. The strength of the level of the gas rod rotation is different, and for a good gas rod, its safety factor is relatively high, so we must pay attention to the selection of a good brand when selecting, so as to ensure quality problems.

Bar table and chair size

The bar tables and chairs are rich in style and full of fashion and personality. Naturally, the size and specifications are different. There is no uniform standard, which is generally selected according to the bar's business area. In addition, the bar table and chair size needs to be based on the comfort of the guests. Depending on the sex, the table and chair should be matched and controlled within a reasonable size range.

There are two types of bar tables depending on the matching chair, one is an ordinary table, and the other is a table with a high chair. The former is generally about the same size as an ordinary table, with a height of about 700 to 780 mm, and a height of 910 to 1060 mm.

The size of the table is round table size and square table size. The bar table size is generally Φ600mm (two people), Φ800mm (four people), Φ1200mm (six people), Φ1400mm (eight people), Φl600mm (ten people), Φ1800mm (12 People), etc.; bar square table size is mainly 600 * 600mm (two people), 800 * 800mm (four people), 600 * 700mm (two people), 1200 * 700mm (four people), 1600 * 700mm (eight people) and so on.

The size of the bar chair is also different because of the difference in shape. Generally, the height of the chair is 800-1000 mm, and some can be adjusted. The size of the chair is about 500-640 mm. Bar chairs are usually independent. Common sizes are L420*W465*H920mm, L440*W440*H830mm, L450*W500*H990mm, L450*W450*H920mm, etc.

Bar chair features

What are the bar chair sizes? When you buy a bar chair, you need to consider the height problem, whether it is a bar table or a chair, which is highly demanding. And for the style type, there is also a certain uniqueness in design. Whether it is personalized or ordinary customization, we must pay attention to the height and type of the bar table, which is directly related to the matching problem of the chair, so we need to consider the use environment when purchasing.