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How To Protect The Lumbar Spine From The Office Chair
- Jul 18, 2018 -

In daily work, if we sit in an unreasonable office chair for a long time, it will directly affect the operation of our human digestive system. This little experience has deep experience and will disrupt the metabolism of the new city. And it causes a variety of physical illnesses, so this office chair selection is especially important. Let's take a look at how the office chair protects the lumbar spine and how to buy the office chair.

How to protect the lumbar spine from the office chair

The chassis should be stable, and it is often necessary to move in the work. The chair with casters becomes the mainstream, and the five-point support casters meet the requirements of stable newness, and there is no overturning, which improves safety;

The material is selected according to the actual needs. It is divided into mesh cloth and leather. Each has its own characteristics: the leather is easy to clean, but the air permeability is poor; the mesh has good air permeability, but it does not maintain stability; the backrest should have hardness and should not be too soft;

The armrests should not be too high, which can lead to high shoulders, which can easily cause discomfort in the back and neck;

Adjustability is important, and the comfort can be adjusted according to the physical condition and feeling of different users. The height can be adjusted, including the height, depth and inclination of the seat, the height and inclination of the seat back, the height and width of the armrest;

The back of the chair should be supported by the lumbar vertebrae. We often get used to holding a pillow cushion behind the waist. If the wrong position is wrong, it will be self-defeating, causing discomfort;

How to buy office chairs

1, the depth of the office chair

On more formal occasions, people sit in a more sitting position. And if the person's sitting posture is correct, it is necessary to sit in front of the chair in a position that is "lighter". If you are at home, people will be more relaxed, and this situation is unlikely to be done deeper. Therefore, you should sit down and take a seat at the time of purchase, and you can see if it meets the needs of the office.

2, office chair - the height of the chair

This is close to the user's foot length. Of course, apart from the high chair of the bar chair type, the height of the seat of the general chair is not too exaggerated, but if the unit does have a short stature, it should be considered.

3, the height of the armrest

When you are seated, if you are used to hanging your hands, choose an office chair with a low armrest or no armrests; but if you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the office chair, then the armrest is higher and the seat is deeper. The chair is probably the best choice.

4, the height of the back of the chair

People who like to sit in danger, in addition to stools without armrests and backrests, can also choose low armrests and low back chairs. At this time, the center of gravity of the occupants will be at the waist of the person; if you like to focus on the back and therefore rely on On the backrest, you may want to choose a chair with a higher backrest. You can also see if the height of the backrest is near the neck. Sometimes the height of the backrest of the chair is near the neck, but the user habitually puts the neck on the backrest at a 90-degree angle, which is easy to cause neck damage.

5, the slope of the chair

Although the impression of the office chair seems to be 90 degrees with the seat cushion and the backrest, in fact most of them are slightly backwards, the whole person sits comfortably in the chair. The office chair with more leisure performance has a larger inclination, and the person sitting on it seems to be lying on a chair.

6, the softness of the chair

Note that the softness of the seat cushion and backrest is comfortable. If the office chair is not attached with a cushion or a back, look directly at the hardness of the material itself. For the additional part, pay attention to the internal filling used and try to feel it when you sit up.

7, the stability of the chair

Note that the chair is treated in the structural details and the stability of the chair is known. In particular, a single chair, such as a chair with a chair foot as the main support, should pay attention to the structural problems, such as the joint inspection of cards and screws. It is recommended that the user try to sit in the purchase and shake the body slightly to appreciate the stability of the chair.