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How To See The Value Of The E-sports Chair Is Not Worth Buying
- Jan 26, 2019 -

How to see the value of the e-sports chair is not worth buying

First, starting from the beginning of the box

A huge box with irregular lining and some damage to the box, but the accessories are wrapped in plastic bags and foam cotton. The things are not damaged. I really hope that the foam cotton can be cleaned up. It looks like the lining chair lining is not Awkward.

Accessories family portrait display, this is a separate box with a small box, pay attention to see Kazakhstan, two screws;

The color of the Superman costume, the red and blue contrast color is quite sensation, the firming leather has a sense of superhuman muscles, and two holes are left in the shoulder for threading and heat dissipation;

The back is red, the whole backrest is thicker, the summer is not good for heat dissipation, there is no problem in the air-conditioned room, it can be warm, and it is comfortable, but this is second, mainly the steel shelf inside is impressed. I.

Built-in one-piece steel skeleton, I don't understand what it is, but it is welded.

This is the combination of the sides of the seat back and the seat. When the screw is unpacked, it is on the top. When loading and unloading, it needs to be unscrewed, and there is a steel frame inside;

This is the bottom cover of the back of the chair. In addition to the nylon thread, it is also stitched with canvas + metal hook to ensure that the leather part of the back of the chair will not be loose and will not run. Although the work is somewhat rough, it is better than what I used before. Hundreds of pieces to be solid

At the bottom of the cushion, when the hand is over, the handrails on both sides are on the top, of course, it can also be unloaded; the part of the bag is also stitched with metal, the spring has only two, the iron plate has three, turn to the above skeleton screenshot, The base is confirmed

The important part came, the tray part, all metal, has obvious welding marks, but the material is very good, that is, the work is not very good-looking;

The upper, lower, left, and right holes are mounting holes, and the lower iron holes are installed with air rods, and the marks are solid;

This is the way to install it. Did you find that Andersted's design is very effective, the air hole is on a piece of iron, and this iron also bears the role of explosion-proof chrysanthemum;

Regarding the safety of such a chair lift, the most important thing is the gas bar. The official display is a 4th-level gas bar certified by SGS. The certification type has a logo on the outer wall of the air pressure. The personal photo is too fast to forget the show. Look. Here, the science of gas pressure certification, in addition to SGS, as well as the German TUV DIN4550 more authoritative, and the United States ANSI.

The control pin on the gas pressure bar shows that it can not be ignored. If the poor quality milk does not have high temperature, it will cause nitrogen explosion in the gas pressure bar. In addition, the nitrogen concentration ratio of the gas pressure bar and the thickness of the gas bar wall are very important. Almost no manufacturer provides the data. Andersted is no exception, but it has a thick layer of steel plate which is already very good.

Pentagon base, all-metal, because the outer layer is lacquered, so the official use of foam cotton and plastic bags;

The paint is very uniform, but don't expect it to be so beautiful. In fact, in addition to the cushion, the chassis is the best place for the e-sports chair to wear; here is an example of Andersted, with anti-slip pads at the very end of each foot. It is to protect the user from sitting on the chair and avoiding the instability of the body due to slipping, and then knocking over the chair.

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