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The Height Of The Office Chair Is Best
- Jul 18, 2018 -

For the working class, a comfortable office chair can make the tired body better relaxed. However, the height of the appropriate office chair is the most important. What is the best height of the office chair? Everybody’s height is Not the same, we have to choose the height of the office chair for our own factors. Below, let Xiaobian tell you how much the height of the office chair is best!

From the beginning of work, we need to sit in the office chair for a whole day. If there is no suitable sitting posture, it will affect the health of the body in the long run. Therefore, it is very important to have a correct sitting position and a suitable seat height. .

The height of the office chair refers to the vertical distance from the seat surface to the ground. If the seat surface has a backward tilt or a concave curved shape, the seat height refers to the vertical distance from the center point of the front edge to the ground. The appropriate height of the seat varies depending on the individual's height. If the seat height is too high, the two feet will not touch the ground. The weight will oppress the thigh blood vessels, hinder the blood circulation of the whole body, and it is easy to cause fatigue and leg numbness. When the seat height is too low, the calf needs to support the pressure from the thigh. Longer will cause upper body soreness and discomfort.

The best office chair height is from the calf to the sole height plus 25-35mm heel thickness, minus 10-20mm of activity allowance, namely: H1 (high) = calf height + heel thickness is appropriate gap. The actual seating test is to sit at the table, place your hands on the table, and your elbows should be exactly 90°

The height of the table and chair is also standard in the world, as follows: The national standard GB3326-1997 specifies H1 (seat height) is 400-440mm, the size difference & Delta; S is lOmm. The maximum height of the soft seat is 460mm (excluding seat sinking). The height of the sofa can be lower, so that the legs are extended forward and the backrest is tilted backwards, which is beneficial to the natural state of the spine. The height of the sofa is generally 360— 420mm.

Nowadays, most office chairs have automatic adjustment functions, but for those office chairs that cannot adjust the height, we can also flexibly change the height of sitting. For example, if the chair is short, it can be used in the chair. Put something on the pad. If the seat is high, we can pad something under the foot so that two right angles can be guaranteed. The height of the office chair is best introduced to you here.